98% Of All Clothing And Shoes Are Recyclable. Not Sure? Let Us Decide!

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      The average person in the U.S. throws away 67 lbs of clothes a year... Recyle, Donate, Don’t Throw It Away!


      As of December 31st 2017

      We have raised $3.142M for our communities


      Collected 18,108,000# of used clothes and shoes!


      Gemtext is a Northwest-based sustainability company serving the textile recycling industry through regional partnerships. Gemtext collects unwanted textiles and recycles or repurposes the materials in domestic and international markets. We are a free, local option for residents who want to minimize environmental impact, help create jobs and support local nonprofit organizations. Together, we work to give old clothes a new life and make the world a better and cleaner place for people to live.


      70% of all clothing in the U.S. ends up in landsfills..Approximately 2.5 Billion lbs/year!

      2 million tons of textiles are recycled each year in the U.S.

      Nearly 100% of donated textiles are recycled!

      The average U.S. citizen throws away 70 lbs. of clothing each year.

      95% of textiles worn or torn can be recycled yet only 15% gets donated or recycled.

      SMART members recycle 3.8 billion lbs. of textiles each year.

      100 MILLION - Amount of funding generated for charities from second-hand clothing sales.