Gemtext is proud to partner with many local businesses to help support some amazing non-profits in your community.  These amazing groups benefit from the recycling process of the items you place in your local Gemtext Recycling Bin.


This week we would like to put a spotlight on the wonderful things happening in Southern Idaho, through our partnership with Camp Rainbow Gold and your unwanted clothes, shoes and household linens.

Camp Rainbow Gold, including its summer programs, provides nearly hundreds of cancer survivors with an escape from the rigors of their illness. Through your recycling efforts at each Gemtext Recycling bin, Gemtext is able to cover the costs to send more than 30 campers to camp each year.  Camp Rainbow Gold is an amazing place that gives these wonderful children and their siblings a place to “be alive,” to enjoy being a child where the weight of their illness is lifted, if  just for a week.  This is made possible through the items that would have otherwise just collected dust in your closet or added to our nations growing landfills.

So, thank you, for helping make dreams come true and for your ongoing support to our community.  Each item you drop into the recycling bin not only goes to help save our environment but also to bring life and joy to local Idaho Children and their families.





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