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Fundraising Opportunities

*Only Available in the Southern California area

Gemtext is deeply committed to the communities we serve and operate within. Current fundraising opportunities are outlined below, and we welcome your creative suggestions about additional partnership opportunities.

Clothing Drives

One-day collection events can make a big difference! We’ll work with you to set up, promote and manager your eco-friendly textile collection drive through Clothes For The Cause.

If you’re a school, church, sports team or other type of organization, you can change your used clothes, shoes, belts, handbags and stuffed animals into an easy and fun way to raise funds for your organization. We will turn unwanted clothes and shoes in to cash. It’s easy + it’s free.

Clothes for the Cause will help you create a used clothing drive and turn unwanted clothes into much needed dollars. Think of it as an “Out-of-Fashion” show where everyone gets to clean out their closets and clean up on some cash for your organization.

Here’s what you do: Contact us to schedule a date. Promote, Promote, Promote! (We can help you with some of the advertising.) Once the clothing has been collected and put into tied plastic bags, we do the rest. We’ll pick it up on the scheduled day, pay you by the pound and send you a check within 2 weeks.

Charity Partnerships

At Gemtext, we love working with regional charities to leverage their community relationships for cash. If your members or board of directors can provide access to parking lots within the community, your charity will receive the benefits of the recycling station placed in those locations. The impact of even a few well-placed donation homes can net big returns for non-profits and community-based organizations.

For the Large Business/Corporation

Corporations are collectively increasing their commitment to sustainable operations. This means they work hard to use resources more efficiently, reduce waste, offer solutions to customers and build a “green” culture in their stores and offices.

Gemtext is a turnkey solution for businesses committed to this type of initiative. We are a no-cost option for consumers to donate their unwanted clothes and shoes in an environmentally responsible way. Further, as large corporations embrace the philosophy of product stewardship and responsible disposal of products at the end of their useful life, Gemtext is a powerful consumer-engaging strategy and partner.

Our model provides business with an annual report of the pounds diverted from the landfill as documentation of program success in these initiatives to shareholders.

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