Gemtext Recycling is proud to work with local schools.  We offer textile recycling on many school campuses in all of our markets: Boise, Portland and Spokane.  We work directly with school administration to increase community awareness and bring much needed funding to the local PTA’s.




Liberty Lake Elementary – Liberty Lake, Washington

The average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing and household items every year.  Since 98% of all textiles can be recycled, these clothes and other items are just adding to our nations landfills.  Well, now there is a better solution and we want to help the next generation “clothes the loop” on textile recycling.  We want to make it easy and convenient and educate these students so that textile recycling becomes something they just do.  Much the same way recycling paper and plastic has become.
With Gemtext Clothing and Textile bins conveniently located in parking lots of local schools, it makes it easy for local families to not only learn to do something good for our environment but also for the local school.  Schools receive $100 for every ton of clothing and textile items that are donated to their bin.  These extra funds add up quickly and can make a huge impact.

Sawtooth Elementary School- Twin Falls, Idaho

Marty Kelly, Administrative Assistant at Trail Wind Elementary, was excited to bring this program to their families this school year and is very pleased with all of the added benefits it brings.   She says, “The textile recycling bin has been a great benefit for Trail Wind Elementary. We have a great place where all of our unclaimed lost and found can go.  Not only does it help to keep our school clean and tidy but the donation goes to directly benefit Trail Wind.  The bin is in a great central location for anyone in Columbia Village to easily drop off any unwanted clothing and shoes!  The best part is,  not only are we providing a service for the community but a portion of the proceeds help benefit the school.”
We are honored to be a part of our communities and we encourage you to find the nearest school that hosts a Gemtext Textile Recycling Bin.  Your unwanted items equates to much needed funding for local schools.  Finding a Gemtext Textile Recycling bin is easy. . . just follow this link and type in your zip code.
So the next time you have unwanted clothes, shoes or household linens that are just taking up space, please consider helping a local school.