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Clothing Will Save Us | Stacy Flynn | TEDxOlympia

It is undisputed that the textile and apparel industry is one of the most environmentally damaging industries on the planet and most people aren’t aware of exactly how their clothing contributes to water, air and soil damage around the world. Clothing is as important as the food we eat and the water we drink. The…

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Fashion brands create programs to recycle, repurpose clothing

There’s a powerful message resounding from such big brands as Eileen Fisher and Patagonia, along with a growing cadre of smaller thrift and resale shops: Let’s make do, reuse, recycle. We are excited to be part of a new movement among the fashion industry where people are becoming conscious of the environmental impact of throwing…

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Camp Rainbow Gold might have a new Forever Home

Gemtext is a proud sponsor of Camp Rainbow Gold and you are too.  We have recycle bins located all across the Treasure Valley where your unwanted clothes, shoes and household linens are recycled and then a portion of the proceeds from the recycling process goes directly to Camp Rainbow Gold.  Through your contributions, you are able to…

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Help Out Your Local Schools!

Gemtext Recycling is proud to work with local schools.  We offer textile recycling on many school campuses in all of our markets: Boise, Portland and Spokane.  We work directly with school administration to increase community awareness and bring much needed funding to the local PTA’s.     The average American throws away nearly 70 pounds…

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Bag a Wish: Recycle Clothing

I want you to meet James. Through your recycling efforts at local Gemtext Recycling Bins in the Portland Metro Area, Gemtext Recycling was honored to be able to sponsor an entire Make-A-Wish Request. Here is our Wish Story: James, 12, I wish to go to Hawaii “James was the ultimate tourist – he kicked back…

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