Gemtext is a proud sponsor of Camp Rainbow Gold and you are too.  We have recycle bins located all across the Treasure Valley where your unwanted clothes, shoes and household linens are recycled and then a portion of the proceeds from the recycling process goes directly to Camp Rainbow Gold.  Through your contributions, you are able to help this camp continue to shine and move forward.

We recently received an email from Camp Rainbow Gold highlighting their new potential camp purchase where they will be able to invest in a “forever home” for their camp and all of the children and families that they touch every year.


East Fork Ranch  – a property that fits all of our criteria for a permanent camp. Not only was the timing and attributes of this property right for us, a longtime supporter of Camp Rainbow Gold has made a generous donation to fund a portion of the purchase.

This is a very exciting time for Camp Rainbow Gold. We are eager to enhance our programming and continue to provide the life-changing moments and empowering experiences that so many children and their families have had the opportunity to experience. I look forward to what the future holds and to continuing to shine.

To learn more about Camp Rainbow Gold and East Fork Ranch:  visit their website, go to and use the password “forthekids” to enter.

To find the nearest recycle bin location:  visit